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We're obsessed with the art of embellishment and have been experimenting with how it can apply to repair. Designers such as Area, Alexander McQueen, Simone Rocha, Tom Ford, and Prada (among many, many more) have inspired our latest repair techniques. We are excited to share a couple techniques including a DIY redesign of a torn cashmere sweater inspired by Area's crystal leopard FW20 detail coming later this month (check out our Youtube) as well as a Simone Rocha beaded bralette made entirely of vintage beads which we will unveil on our IGTV. For now, get inspired by our favorite beaded pieces and imagine a world where you can solve any rip, tear or hole with beads.

Don't know what to do with that torn old favorite wardrobe staple of yours? Sign up for the workshop here!

November 14, 2020

Learn how to repair your clothing through embellishment. In this workshop, we will teach you how to update and revive torn pieces in your wardrobe through hand embroidery. We will work on hand sewing backing, beading and handmade embroidery. Vintage Lurex embroidery floss and embroidery needle packs are now in our store!


Fabric scissors

Needle & thread

Embroidery floss

Straight pins

Tailors chalk

Ruler or measuring tape



Bring what you have and your curiosity and we'll create something new together!

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