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Resizing workshop: entry one

For us, nothing feels worse than a too-tight waistband. Right? Especially on a pair of jeans or high waisted anything, a tight waistband is like living in a soul sucking nightmare. So intense!

Anyway, we wanted to explore interesting ways to resize pants and skirts so that the fit was finally right. And beyond just taking something in or letting it out, what are some ways to turn a boring piece into something exciting to wear?

Our first experiment involved adding fabric panels to trousers (see our IG post here) to make a pair of pants ACTUALLY comfortable to wear. And on the flip side, sizing down a too-big pair of khakis a la Margiela was a super interesting experiment that actually made the pants wearable.

This post will explore another concept: the double waistband trouser! It's popped up on runways from Y/Project to Dion Lee to Marc Jacobs. We are so inspired by the sweatpant / denim hybrids from DIYbypanida - seriously, check her out! See more below, and follow along as we try our own version!

Marc Jacobs SS20

MSTR of Disguise in DIYbyPanida

R13 double denim

Y/Project SS21

Margiela double waistband pants at PFW

Margiela AW19

Dion Lee

Dion Lee S21 RTW

Dion Lee F20 RTW

Markoo SS21

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