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Updated: Jul 7, 2022

There is no shortage of terrible news, but good news can be hard to find. That's why we wanted to highlight a handful of recent laws, initiatives, and innovations that give us hope for the future. As the impending reality of a climate changed by global warming has set in, a long overdue sense of urgency has propelled lawmakers, businesses, and scientists to address the causes of overproduction, pollution, and emissions.

The landmark New York Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability bill, currently in committee and expected to go to a vote this spring, is the first of its kind in the US to place sustainability requirements on large companies. The bill requires companies with over 100 million in annual that do business in New York to disclose the environmental impacts of 50% of their supply chains, from greenhouse gases to water and chemicals use. Reduction targets for these impacts would be required, although it hasn't been determined what the reduction thresholds will be. The bill also addresses the social impact of the fashion industry by requiring disclosure of median wages and compliance mechanisms. State senator Alessandra Biaggi sponsored the bill, with support from industry activists including the New Standard Institute, NRDC, and Uprose. The potential impact this bill can have is enormous, because it does what the for-profit auditing industry isn't capable of: creates a set of requirements and a legal framework to fine those who do not comply.

PS: Do you want to get involved? Join the citizen action group The Fashion Policy Initiative by emailing

The FABRIC Act aims to enact legislation at the federal level to protect worker's rights and end the practice piece rate pay. Thanks to the success of California bill SB62, the nationwide adoption of such legislation seems possible. The act also aims to address offshoring by providing reshoring credits and a grant program for domestic manufacturers.

LA's own Ambercycle just raised $21.6 million in funding from a group including H&M CO: LAB and Zalando. This will allow the textile recycler to develop infrastructure and materials for circularity in the fashion industry. We are heartened by the investment from companies like H&M into innovative upstarts to promote their mission towards circularity.

Nanollose creates cellulose from waste (!!), making it the the first tree-free viscose.

Stella McCartney introduced the Mylo leather Frayme bag on her SS'22 runway. Mylo, from the innovators at Bolt Threads, is at the forefront of bio-based leather innovation, providing a super supple, subtly textured leather alternative made from mycelium.

These developments are encouraging, and we hope to see increasing commitment to sustainability goals in the future. We we will continue to share positive developments in the world of sustainability and business as it breaks. Subscribe to our newsletter now so you don't miss a thing!

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